There had been a lot of flooding in Peru, and so we had to make a strange way through the country as some roads where still closed.  We boarded a bus to Trujillo, which was supposed to take 12 hours, but we got stuck behind several landslides and it ended up taking 54 hours. However in true South American fashion, out of nowhere people turned up selling all kinds of things, popcorn, fruit, homemade crisps which kept us fed and somewhat entertained. After two nights on the bus the landslide had been cleared and we were on our way, slowly but surely. We will never complain about the train journey to Edinburgh again! Trujillo had been quite devastated by the flooding, walls had fallen down and rubbish was absolutely everywhere. We visited some ruins called Huaca del Sol y Luna, the largest pre Colombian adobe structure in the Americas at four floors high. It was really impressive, and so unlike the other ruins we had visited, the mud bricks had been very weathered by the rain and it looked like a huge sandcastle.


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