Guayaquil & Baños de Agua Santa

We flew from the Galapagos into Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. It was a huge contrast to the sunny and cool climate of Quito. It was very hot, humid and wet! We only spent one day here and took the time to walk down the riverside into the centre of the city—it was clearly a huge metropolis, which did not get many tourists. The old colonial buildings, shrouded by more modern high rises was a reminder that not all of South America was behind with the times.

From Guayaquil we went to Baños de Agua Santa after so many people had recommended it. An old spa town, sadly we didn’t like it all that much. There were way too many tourists and the place seemed a bit soulless. However, we did go to the baths early in the morning. We were the only foreigners among mainly older Ecuadorians half asleep enjoying the baths. Interestingly they had an irrigation system in place that meant the locals could wash their clothes in the waterfall that feeds the baths.

After our brief stay we had to make our way back north to Quito to spend the night, before starting our month of volunteering at Cotopaxi National park.


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