Galapagos part 3

Our final island, San Cristobal, felt more like a seaside port, with hundreds of sealions lazing about the port. Although pushed for time we were determined to make the most of what this island had to offer.

The beach of La Loberia offered the perfect opportunity to snorkel with sealions. From babies to fully-fledged adults, the beach was teeming with sealions who were all too eager to say hello. The sea was quite rough but we weren’t going to let that stop us swimming with them.

Early the next morning we walked to Frigatebird Hill, a lookout point with panoramic views of Shipwreck Bay and Kicker Rock. We were also able to enjoy the bird for which the hill gets its namesake. Watching the birds’ scarlet throat pouch inflate like a balloon to entice mates was thoroughly entertaining.

Before we knew it our time on the Galapagos Islands had come to an end. We were undeniably upset and didn’t feel ready to go. However, given the huge amount we had seen and done in only a week, we had little to feel sad about.


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