Officially the highest capital in the world, at 2850m and the closest to the equator. It also boasts the largest old town in the Americas, its sprawling pedestrian streets, numerous cathedrals and churches made it a lovely place to wander around. The cathedral had some very interesting gargoyle which included: anteaters, turtles, frogs, iguanas and birds. We had wonderful weather whilst we were in Quito, and took advantage of enjoying the many high views of the city from the surrounding valleys. Next stop Galapagos, it was hard to contain our excitement and as usual we arrived at the airport way to early!


Southern Colombia

We travelled south from Salento, out first stop was Cali, Colombia’s largest city. It is huge but we managed to walk around the old town, it had some beautiful churches (only on the outside) and it even boasted glittery bollards in the city centre!

Our next stop was Popayan, a small colonial town, with predominantly white pretty buildingsĀ but with terrible traffic, we were glad to only be staying a couple of days!

Our final stop in Colombia was Ipiales, a typical border town, kind of grotty! However there was the very cool Las Lajas Santuary close by, a gothic style church built on a bridge inside a canyon. We waved goodbye to Colombia, our next stop Quito!