Puerto Escondido

Having arrived into Puerto Escondido after a night bus- which was so windy it was almost impossible to sleep. We were happy to have arrived! We were staying in a small surfing area of Puerto Escondido called La Punta. The pacific sea was really rough and so warm! We decided to take surf lessons whilst staying in Puerto Escondido- as neither of us had tried it before and we were both really missing doing exercise. The surf lessons were intense, two hours of fast paddling- attempting to get up, getting knocked off and getting back on. We woke up the next day pretty stiff! So spent he day lying on the beach in the sun to recuperate. Sadly that evening it looked like had got sunstroke and ended up being ill for a couple of days.
We also got all of our clothes washed and dried for us- such a treat! We caught up with some people we had met in Oaxaca a few days before which was fun. We also went to a great yoga class on the rooftops overlooking the sea.
The absolute highlight of Puerto Escondido and it will probably be a highlight for the whole trip was releasing baby turtles at dusk on Bacocho beach. It was incredible- we felt very lucky to have been able to witness such a beautiful thing. They looked so tiny, eagerly approaching the huge ocean- the brave little things!


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