The Spanish colonial city of Puebla is a short bus ride southeast of Mexico city. The journey there was stunning: we snaked through mountains and passed the active Popocatépetl volcano, which was billowing smoke. Puebla is really cute, the old town is an UNESCO world heritage site and it’s obvious to see why. Every street is pretty, boasting different colours and often adorned with patterned tiles. There are also countless churches and an impressive cathedral. There wasn’t a huge amount to do in Puebla, so we took the time to have some quiet days and visit a couple of museums. One of the main things Puebla is famous for is a dish called mole poblano. Mole is the name used for a number of different sauces in Mexican cuisine. Mole poblano is the most famous, made from an apparently ancient recipe, and consists of lots of different chillies and chocolate. We gave it a try, it was pretty good, but quite rich and definitely not something you would eat every day. After only a brief visit, we were heading of on another beautiful journey to the city of Oaxaca.



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