Widely regarded as the culinary capital of Mexico, Oaxaca offered an exciting array of new foods for us to try. From tlayudas, which look like a Mexican version of pizza, to its famous balls of stringy cheese, quesillo, Oaxaca was the first cuisine to receive UNESCO culinary heritage status. With a number of excellent markets, we never struggled for places to eat.

Alongside the food it had an easygoing atmosphere and a charming old town set around a large square. While here we met up with a girl who Rose studied with at uni, who is living in Oaxaca with her Mexican husband.

One of the highlights while we were in Oaxaca was a day trip to the petrified waterfall, Hierve el Agua. A bit of a pain to get to, it was luckily well worth the visit. First we took an hour-long ride on the local bus to the town of Mitla. This was followed by another hour’s journey on the back of a pickup truck through the mountains. We arrived to an incredible view of both the waterfall and the surrounding mountains, with only four other people there. Above the waterfall is a mixture of natural and artificial pools, which were great for escaping the heat.


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