Argentinian BBQ 

BBQs are an important part of Argentinian culture and offer a chance for family and friends to get together. Known as asados, they often involve cooking enormous bits of meat for hours at a time until the meat literally falls of the bone.

We were very kindly invited to a BBQ hosted by some friends of Nico and Martina. They had bought what looked like half a cow which they had on the parrilla (grill) for around 3.5 hours. They also had two types of chorizo, meat wrapped in bacon and morcilla (black pudding). Surprisingly they served the morcilla cold, which those who were at the BBQ said they preferred. Luckily for Rose they had also specially prepared some fish just for her so she wasn’t left out. It was great to have the opportunity to talk to Argentinians of a similar age to us and gain an insight into life in Buenos Aires. We were made to feel at home and ended up leaving in the early hours of the morning after a lovely evening.



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